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Wannabe Web Developer?
10. 8. 2008 in Css & XHTML | 0 Comments | Author: Web Development Stuff | 1922 clicks
This tutorial brings the basics and knowledge resources for absolute web development beginners.
10. 8. 2008 in Php | 0 Comments | Author: Web Development Stuff | 3347 clicks
This tutorial guides you thru the possibilities of an XML manipulation by the PHP. Included is explanatory PHP source code of fully working mini RSS reader.
How to Center Layers in Photoshop
10. 8. 2008 in Photoshop | 0 Comments | Author: Web Development Stuff | 2163 clicks
This step-by-step Photoshop tutorial decribes the procedure how one layer could be exactly centered in the other one. Every step is visualy interpreted by the screenshot of action taken.

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