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Model View Controller in PHP
10. 8. 2008 in Php | 0 Comments | Author: Improve Website Speed | 3398 clicks
The model view controller pattern is the most used pattern for today’s world web applications. It has been used for the first time in Smalltalk and then adopted and popularized by Java. At present there are more than a dozen PHP web frameworks based on MVC pattern.
Php Class to Retrieve Alexa Rank
10. 8. 2008 in Php | 1 Comments | Author: Improve Website Speed | 3248 clicks
Alexa does not offer any free API to obtain Alexa Rank. This tutorial presents a simple method to obtain it in the same way the Alexa Toolbar does.
How to write a simple PHP scrapper without Regex
10. 8. 2008 in Php | 0 Comments | Author: Improve Website Speed | 3130 clicks
Web scrappers are simple programs that are used to extract certain data from the web. Usually the structure of the the pages is known so scrappers have reduced complexity compared to parsers and crawlers. In this tutorial we are going to create a simple parser that extract the title and favicon from any html page.

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