20 stunning free icon sets

16.10.2009 18:19:44

Welcome to ToxiLab's first blog post, we hope to keep this updated on a regular basis. In the overview below we present You 20 stunning free icon sets which you can use for your future web designs or for your desktop.
Please let us know if great icon packs is missing and make sure you read the license before using any Icon sets.

1. Milky icon set

Milky icon set

The Milky set contains more than 131 icons primarily colored in green, giving an eye-pleasant look and prominent display on either dark or bright backgrounds.

download link

2. Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set

Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set

This set of free hand drawn doodle icons includes 14 graphics tailored specifically for bloggers. Including social media graphics for Delicious, Design Float, Digg, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Technorati and Twitter as well as commonly used icons such as RSS, Home, Comments, Contact and Wordpress.

download link

3. Practika


Practika is a free set of 11 practical and useful high-quality icons. The icons are available in resolutions 6464px, 128128px and 256256px, in 32-bit transparency PNG. These icons can be used for a variety of purposes in particular, in portfolios and in corporate designs.

download link

4. Dellipack 2

Dellipack 2

This icon set contains 15 icons: a build icon, a home icon, an interact icon, a monitor icon, a pen icon, a phonebook icon and other icons which can be useful for both corporate and personal projects.

download link

5. Heart


Hearting Social Icon Set is a set of 22 social icons in .png and in resolutions 1616, 3232, 6464. This set was designed by Aravind Ajith.

download link

6. Finance and Applications

Finance and Applications

This set contains 58 raster and vector icons and includes icons in .png, .icns and .ico-formats. An .EPS vector file is available as well.

download link

7. Handycons


Icon set containing 20 more hand drawn icons. This time it is not limited just to socail media related icons. Package contains Facebook, Blinklist, Feedburner, Flickr, FriendFeed, Furl, Gmail, Google, Heart icon, Last FM, Linked IN, Magnolia, Newsvine, PayPal, Skype, Sphinn, Twitter, Vimeo, Yahoo and You Tube icons. All icons come in four sizes: 16x16, 32x32, 64x64 and 12x128px.

download link

8. Isabi


Includes icons for most Adobe applications, Microsoft Office 2008 as well as a few extras in 16, 32, 48, 128, 256 and 512 pixel sizes.

download link

9. MonoFactor icon set

MonoFactor icon set

The first part of the MonoFactor set contains 25 scalable Illustrator format icons.

download link

10. Adobe CS 2.0 Grande Icon

Adobe CS 2.0 Grande Icon

This is the large set of Adobe Creative Suite Icons. Available in 256x256 High Color PNGs.

download link

11. Yoritsuki icons

Yoritsuki icons

This file contains 35 icons that are associated with hot springs in Japan.

download link

12. Socialize Icons

Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set

This free icons set contains all the most popular social icons, placed inside a sticker, making them easy to use in all kinds of projects. Although initially intended to be used by bloggers, these icons go beyond that and can be used in almost any website. This free icon set contains 12 high quality, free icons in these sizes: 16x16px, 32x32px, 48x48px, 64x64px and 128x128px and 32-bit transparency PNG file format.

13. Aquaticus.Social

Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set is an icon set consisting of 30 individual icons of the popular social networks/Web 2.0 sites out there.

download link

14. Ice Cream Icons

Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set

Great set of 15 (128x128 ico, png) icons.

download link

15. Ruby on Rails icon pack

Ruby on Rails icon pack

Contains 3 color variations of the Ruby on Rails folder icon in 5 different sizes.
Also include a squared version of Rails logo in 5 different sizes.

download link

16. Sticker Pack 2

Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set

This collection contains 41 individual sticky icons with large resources for Vista & Leopard.

download link

17. Bright

Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set

Bright! is a crisp, sharp and beautiful set of 148 hand-crafted icons in vector format, ideally for both web and print work.

18. Email me

Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set

Icons made for a project. For personal use only.

download link

19. Pixelicious

Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set

Developer icon set of 150 32x32 icons called Pixelicious. The icons vary slightly in size.

download link

20. Scholny Univercitet icons

Scholny Univercitet icons

Great 3d Icon set with nice colors and appropriate details.

download link

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