A taped down sheet of paper

24.6.2006, 15:21
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In this tutorial you have a chance to learn how to create a sheet of paper whose angles are stuck together with tape.

Step 1

Create a new Document (ctrl+N) and set the dimensions whatever you like (mine dimensions are 400x400px).

Step 2

For Foreground color set #FEFBDF and take the Rectangle tool.

Using rectangle tool create a rectangle with dimensions which you like.

Step 3

Double click on a new made Shape and set the options from the pictures below.

Drop Shadow

Gradient Overlay


For each point of gradient,opacity,location and used color is shown On Gradient Overlay

Step 4

Choose now "Add ancor Point tool" and click on the border of shape which you want to edit.

When you have created the ancor of points you must take the Direct Selection tool.

Using Direct Selection Tool move the points to get the "curve paper effect"

Step 5

Now we will create a tape whic will be on the paper edges.

Using Rectangular Marquee Tool create a small rectangle.

After that take the Polygonal Lasso tool to cut the rectangle's edges, in order to get the effect of turn off tape.

When we outlined the cut off part, press delete to erase that part of selection. Do the same on the other side of rectangle.

Step 6

Add the shadow and border to the part of tape ( white rectangle) and decrease its opacity to 60%.

After that copy that layer and set it on paper angels, and using shourtcut CTRL + T rotate the part of tape where it is required.

Step 7

Finally, we will add some text on paper and we're done! :)

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