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Step 1

We will open a new document with size 800x600 (you can set the size you want)

Step 2

Now we will create a new layer and select a paint bucket.

Step 3

Pick a blue colour. We will pick a blue colour #4f69b6 and paint the layer with our colour.

Step 4

Go to main menu and select Filter -> Noise -> Add Noise and set the amount value on 12,5% check the monochromatic box and change distribution option to Uniform  and click OK.

Step 5

Go to main menu and select Filter -> Blur -> Motion Blur and set the values like this:

Step 6

Next thing we will do is go to again to main menu and select Filter -> Sketch -> Bas Relief... and in the Bas Relief  menu adjust:     

Detail value to 13
Smoothness value to 3
Light value to bottom

After setting the values hit OK!

Step 7

This is the last step and here we will add Motion Blur effect one more time with same settings like first one and VOILA!  Here is our water...

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