Shadow effect with text

24.7.2006, 17:57
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Step 1

Open a new document with any size you want and set the back ground colour to black.

Step 2

Select Text Tool from left tool menu and write some text with any font and any size you want.

Step 3

Make a right click on the text layer (in the layer display on the rignt side of workspace) and select Duplicate layer... option (name it what ever you want). Now right click on that duplicated layer and select Rasterize Type option.

Step 4

Click on that rasterized layer and select Transform tool from Edit -> Free Transform.  Hold top middle handler and drag it down to get something like this:

Step 5

Now go to the main menu and select  Edit -> Transform -> Perspective and hold bottom right handler and drag it a little to right to get something like this:

Step 6

Now that you have done perspective look go to Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur... and set the options like this:

And your work shuld look like this:

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