Lip Gloss

28.7.2006, 1:31
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In this tutorial we will show you the procedure for applying lip gloss or lipstick to a person's photo.

Step 1

Open in Photoshop a photograph of a person. Make sure that the lips are clearly visible in the photo so that they are easy to work on.

Step 2

We will now name the photography layer „face“ and make a new layer above and name it lips

Step 3

Now we will zoom the photo to get a better view. When we zoom the photo it also allows us more precise control when applying the lip color.

Step 4

Now we will select paint brush tool and the color we want. In this tutorial we will use the dark red colour. Choose a brush size that will give you greater control for painting over the lips.

Step 5

Now we will set the paint brush opacity to 50 %

Step 6

Now select the lips layer and begin coloring in the lips with the Paint Brush tool. You must  stay within the borders of the lips and not overlap onto the surrounding skin of the subject's face.

Step 7

Next we will outline the lips with a darker version of the same lip color. Use a smaller paint brush to be more precise with the outline. Now your wors should look like this:

Step 8

Now we will select the smudge tool and set the Strength to 40%. Then begin blending the dark outline of the lip color with the color of the lips. (If any color went over the edges of the lips, simply use the eraser tool and erase along the edges to clean it up.)

Step 9

After we blend the outline of the lips we will set the „lips“ layer opacity to 80%  and that's it.

Now our glossy lips looks like this:

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