Coloring Black and White

29.7.2006, 14:59
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In this tutorial we will add color to the photography that is in black and white mode.

Step 1

Run Adobe Photoshop and load your black and white photography. (Make sure that Image mode is set to RGB Color Mode)

Step 2

Select magic wand tool and set the tolerance to 15  and select one part of photography (hair,pants...). we will select the shirt for start and our work look's like this:

Step 3

After we select our shirt area go to Image-> Adjustments -> Hue/Saturation (or press Ctrl+U)and set the values like this (our color is blue): (you can choose the color you want by slideing Hue slidebar)

And our work look's like this now:

Step 4

Now we will select the pants and paint them with green  color. Use the same procedure like previous step. Select the pants, press Ctrl+U and use Hue bar to adjust the green color and our picture look's like this:

Step  5

In this step we will select the skin and give the skin some colour with  same procedure like last 2 steps. To get the skin real color adjust the Hue/Saturation like this:

Step 6

Repeat the same procedure to every part of the picture (pants,shoes,skin,hair...) and chose color you like and voila!

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