Integrating two pictures together

6.8.2006, 12:55
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Step 1

Open two pictures that you would like to combine together.
We'll use this two.

Step 2

Duplicate layers of both pictures by clicking on Layer- duplicate layer.

Step 3

Choose crop tool (press letter C) and make a rectangle around the bike. Then press right mouse button and choose crop. It will cut out just the area you selected and make it easier for you to manage picture. You will get this.

Step 4

Press right mouse button again and click on select all. Now you will see a moving rectangle round the cropped picture.

Step 5

Click on Edit, then on copy (you can use the Ctrl+C).

Step 6

Pick the other picture and go to Edit and then paste (or press Ctrl+V). Now the picture f the bike is integrated in the other picture.

Step 7

Right click on the bike and press free transform. Now, press left mouse button and hold it to move bike where you think it looks best. Then click on the mark in the right upper corner.

Step 8

Pick history brush tool (Y). It is the tool that will bring the background, that you have pasted bike over, back. We' ll use it to go round the bike and clean the area which we brought with the bike so that he will seem as the original part of the picture. Set flow on 100, and capacity to 70 pick a brush size depending on the area you want clean. I used brush size 18. It is a delicate job, so be careful and patient. When you finish you get this.

Off course this is the simplest example for integrating one picture in the other. It can look much better if you have the will to experiment.

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