Enhancing picture colors

8.8.2006, 17:11
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This simple tutorial will show you how to enhance a picture and saturate it with more color. In this example we will give the picture more red. Check it out.

Step 1

Try to find a picture to which you would like to add some more vivid colors. We' ll use this one.

Step 2

Duplicate layer by clicking on layer and then on the duplicate layer button.

Step 3

Click on image- adjustments- color balance.

Step 4

Choose midtones button and set values in this way.

Step 5

Choose highlights and set values like this.

Step 6

Click on shadows and set values like this.

In the end you get this. I think it looks quite better.

That's it. Try it on different pictures and in different combinations because every picture can be arranged in different manor, it just depends on how much will you posses.
Have fun.

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