Clone stamp tool

9.8.2006, 19:25
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Clone stamp tool is very useful, as we will see. It can be used in erasing those parts of the picture that we don' t like, or simple want it looking better.

Step 1

Find a picture with an area that could use a bit of  editing and open it in Photoshop. we' ll use this one. Notice the area that we marked red.

Step 2

Click on layer- duplicate layer and affirm it by ok.

Step 3

Choose Clone stamp tool (shortcut S).

Step 4

Press Alt on the keyboard and left mouse button at the same time to pick an area of thee picture that you want to clone. We will use lower part of the wall (look at the picture).

Step 5

Now, that you have picked area (just going over it with pressed alt and left mouse button is enough), release alt and move the cursor over the area you want to edit and press left mouse button.

This move will apply the area which you picked earlier over the area you are editing.

If you have done all of this you should get this.

That is all there is, off course you' ll need a bit of practice to make it look as good as possible. Have fun.

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