Vanishing Point

19.8.2006, 16:57
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In this tutorial we will learn how copy objects using Vanishing point. Vanishing Point is a wonderfull tool added in new Adobe Photoshop CS 2 Edition.

With vanishing point tool we can easily copy objects (eg. Windows, dors, wallpapers) in perspective.

Step 1

First step is to load picture you want to modify. We will use this picture because it is some kind of cube in perspective.

Step 2

Our goal is to copy red squares from left side of the cube to the right side. After loading picture in Photoshop go to the filter menu and select the Vanishing Point...

After clicking on Vanishing Point tool a new window will open. Inside Vanishing Point window choose the Plane tool from the left dialog box.

Step 3

With Plane tool make a grid by clicking on the 4 corners od the left side  of the cube like this:

Now Hold Ctrl key, grab the middle white square (marked red on the pitcure) and drag the grid to the right and set it like this:

Step 4

After setting our grid select Marquee tool and select one of the red squares.

You will notice that your marquee tool is now working in perspective (side near you is bigger than side wich is away from you). Our work now look s like this:

Step 5

After we selected our red square hold Ctrl+Alt and drag it to the right (front side) of the cube.
(Ctrl+Alt is used in order to copy selected area).

On the right Side of the cube set the copied red square on the blue one on the other side of the cube.

You will notice that when you drag the copied item to the right side,item is automaticaly transformed in perspective on the right side. Our work looks like this now:

Step 6

We will repeat the same procedure to all of the squares and our work will look like this:

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