Cast shadow on the background

20.9.2006, 0:28
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Quickly & easy insert your model in a real nature photo.

Step 1

Start your 3D Studio Max.

Step 2

Load the model.

Step 3

Open the material editor (you can press the M key).

Step 4

Click on the Standard button to create a new Matte/Shadow material. Click twice on Matte/Shadow and then it will be Matte/Shadow that you need.

Step 5

It is very important that you uncheck Opaque Alpha and check the Receive Shadows.

Step 6

Now create a bok below your model. Be sure that all your shadows fall on the box... Render it a few times to make sure.

Step 7

Select the box.

Step 8

Place the Matte/Shadow material on the box using this button.

Step 9

Now render the scene and you should get something like this:

Step 10

It's your choice if you want to add the background or not. The background only makes your model seem less fictional and more realistic if you place it in it's original sourounding. Look:

Step 11

 Go to Rendering>>Environment...

Step 12

Check Use map. Now select the picture that you want for your background.

Step 13

And at the end all you gotta do is to position the model and angle the camera so that the model looks like it belongs to that picture... (Sometimes very tricky if you chose a bad background picture)

We're done!

Have a nice day!

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