Text Transformation Effect

7.11.2006, 22:19
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This tutorial will show you how create transformation text effect, on a simple way in flash 8. You don't have to use Action Script to create this tutorial. You will also learn how to use Flash Filters in Flash 8 and more.

Step 1

Create a new flash document, choose Modify > Document (Ctrl+J) and set Width to 350 and Height to 100px. Frame rate set to 26fps (Frames per Second).

Step 2

Take the Text Tool (T), under Fill Color set this color: #CECECE, open the Properties Panel (Ctrl+F3), and under font, set Trebuchet MS, size 47.

Then, type any text. For this example I'll type of course :)

Step 3

While your text is still selected, press F8 key, to convert it into a Movie Clip. See the picture below.

Step 4

Click on frame 15 and press F6. Then, click on text to select it, open the Properties Panel (Ctrl+F3), click on Filters > plus icon > Bevel, and set the options from the picture below.

Step 5

Click on frame 30 and press F6. Then, select the text, and in Properties Panel, under Filters choose Drop Shadow, and set the options from the picture below.

Step 6

Click on frame 45, press F6, select the text, open the Properties Panel, and under Color choose Alpha and set it to 0%.

Step 7

Select the layer 1, and in Properties Panel, under Tween choose Motion.

Test your movie (Ctrl+Enter)

We're done!

Download example

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