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18.11.2006, 13:16
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Learn how to create typing effect in flash 8, usnig the Action Script. You will also learn how to convert any shape (in my example "rectangle") into a Movie Clip Symbol and more.

Step 1

Create a new flash document, choose Modify > Document and set Width to 300, and Height to 200px. Frame rate set to 20fps, and for background color set black.

Step 2

Double click on layer1 to rename its name in background. Then, insert a new layer, and name it text.

Step 3

Click on frame 40, press F6 (Keyframe), take the Text Tool (A), under FIll color set white color, in Properties Panel (Ctrl+F3), under Font set Vedrana, size 21px, bold style. After that type any text. See the picture below.

Step 4

Click on frame 70 and press F5.

Step 5

Insert a new layer and name it effect. Select it, click on frame 25, press F6, take the Rectangle Tool (R), under Fill color set black and draw a "rectangle" 192x30px.

Step 6

Take again the Rectangle Tool (R), under Fill Color set white, and within the previous "rectangle" draw another "white rectangle" 18x21px. Look at the picture below.

Step 7

Select the both "rectangle" and press F8 key (Convert to Symbol) to Convert it into a Movie Clip.

Step 8

Double click on a new made Movie Clip ("rectangle") to go in its inside. Then, click on frame 5, and press F6 key. After that, select only the "white rectangle", and delete it.

Step 9

Click on frame 10, and press again F6. After that, open the Action Script Panel (F9), and paste this script:


Step 10

Go back on the main scene (Scene1), click on frame 40 of layer effect and press F6.

Step 11

Go back on text layer, click on frame 70, and press F5.

Step 12

After that, click on frame 60 of layer effect, and press F6. Then, set your "rectangle" on the position like it is shown on the picture below.

Step 13

Click again on frame 60 of layer effect, open the Action Script Panel (F9), and paste this script:


Step 14

Click on frame 40 of layer effect, open the Properties Panel (Ctrl+F3), and under Tween choose Motion.

Test your Movie (Ctrl+Enter).

We're done!

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