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1.3.2007, 16:53
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In this detailed tutorial made for Flash 8, I will show you how to create shiny text effect. You will also learn how to use Color mixer panel, how to convert any shape into a Graphic Symbol, how to use Oval Tool (O) and more. To make this tutorial, you don't have to use Action Script.

Step 1

Create a new flash document. Select Modify > Document (shortcut key: Ctrl+J ). Set the width of your document to 400 pixels and the height to 300 pixels. Select #333333 as background color. Set your Flash movie's frame rate to 52 and click ok.

Step 2

Double click on layer 1 to rename its name in shine.

Step 3

Take the Oval Tool (O). In the Colors portion of the Tool panel, block the Stroke color by clicking on the little pencil icon and then on the small square with the red diagonal line. For Fill color choose any color and draw a "circle" about 90x290px. See the picture below.

Step 4

While the "circle" is still selected, choose Window > Color Mixer (shortcut key : Shift+F9). Then, set the following options:

1. Click on the paint bucket icon to select the Fill color.
2. Choose Radial as Type.
3. Click on the small color rectangle that is on the left side and set its color to white. Alpha property set to 75 %
4. Create another small rectangle and drag it a little to the center.
5. Set its color #04CAFB and Alpha to 50%.
6. Click on the third rectangle and set its color to white too, but change its alpha property to 0% (completely transparent).

Now, you get this:

Step 5

While the "circle" is still selected, press F8 key on the keyboard (Convert to Symbol) to convert this "circle" into a Movie Clip Symbol.

Step 6

Double-click on the movie clip on stage with the Selection tool (V).You should now be inside the movie clip.

Step 7

Then, while the "circle" is still selected press again F8 key to convert this circle into a Graphic Symbol. See the picture below.

Step 8

Click on frame 5 and press F6 key. Then, take the Free Transform Tool (Q), and decrease the "circle" a lot. See the picture below.

Step 9

Right-click anywhere on the gray area between the two keyframes on the timeline and choose Create Motion Tween from the menu that appears.

Step 10

Go back on the main scene (Scene 1)

Step 11

Create a new layer above layer shine and name it text.

Step 12

Click on frame 5 of layer text and press F6 key.

Step 13

Then, take the Text Tool (T). In the Properties Panel below the scene, choose Static Text. Choose Verdana font. Choose white color. Choose 14 as font size and bold it. Set letter spacing to 7. See the picture below.

Then, type on the stage the first letter of title.

Step 14

Go back on sine layer, and place the "circle" on the position where the first letter of title it is. See the picture below.

Step 15

Go back on text layer, click on frame 10 and press F6 key.Then take again the Text Tool (T) and type the second letter of title.

Step 16

Click on frame 5 of layer sine and press F6 key. Then, move the "circle" on the position where the second letter of title it is. See the picture below.

Repeat this process, until you came to the last latter of title.


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