Boat animation

21.3.2007, 23:38
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Create a boat animation in flash 8 on a simple way in few steps, with no Action Script. You will also learn how to use Free Transform Tool (Q), how to convert a bitmap image into a Movie Clip Symbol, how to create Motion Tween and more.

Step 1

Create a new flash document. Select Modify > Document (shortcut key: Ctrl+J ). Set the width of your document to 430 pixels and the height to 400 pixels. Select #000066 as background color. Set your Flash movie's frame rate to 28 and click ok.

Step 2

Download my picture of boat.

Step 3

Go back in flash and choose File > Import > Import to Stage, and import my picture.

Step 4

While the picture is still selected, press F8 key (Convert to Symbol) to convert this picture of boat into a Movie Clip Symbol. See the picture below.

Step 5

Double click on layer 1 to rename its name in boat.

Step 6

Using the mouse, place the boat on the position like it is shown on the picture below.

Step 7

Click on frame 700 and press F6 key.

Step 8

Go back on the first frame, take the Free Transform Tool and decrease the boat a lot. See the picture below.

After that, place it on the position like it is shown on the picture below.

Step 9

Right-click anywhere on the gray area between the two keyframes on the timeline and choose Create Motion Tween from the menu that appears.

Test your movie (Ctrl+Enete).

We're done!

Download example

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