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23.3.2007, 2:38
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This tutorial will help you to learn how to create a High tech menu in photoshop. You will also see how how to apply some icon on menu and by that, make it more attractive.

Step 1

For foreground color set #455E6A and using the Rounded rectangle tool, create a selection like it is shown on the picture below.

On the selection apply a following styles:

Drop shadow

Inner glow

Gradient overlay

Our menu now looks like this:

Step 2

Create a selection like it is shown on the picture below and fill it with white color.

On the selection, apply a following style:

Drop shadow


We will add a heading on the top.

I have used Gill Sans MT font, size 13px with a light yellow (#FFFFBE) glow.

Step 3

Now, it's time for links.

Take the Rectangle Tool and create above the all menu lenght, line (1px height). See the picture below.

Step 4

Fill the selection with #506874. After that, above the selection, create another line and fill it with #38525E.

Take again the rectangular marquee tool and create another selection like it is shown on the picture below.

Step 5

Fill the selection with #445C68 and add a gradient on it. See the pictur below.

The link area now looks like this:

Add some appropriate icon and link.

For link, I have used also Gill Sans MT font.

Repeat the previous process for all othe links in our menu and it's over.


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