Lighting Correction

5.5.2007, 14:40
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In this really simple tutorial, you have a chance to learn how to create a trick which is very simple and in the same time very applicable. Many time  happenes that we exposure picture wrong, or camera just wrong measuring exposition,so let's go.

Step 1

Open any picture on which you want to correct a light. For this example I will use this picture:

Step 2

In the layers palette, click on Create new fill or adjustment layer icon , and after that choose Curves. Then, the Curves panel will be appear. After that,just click ok.

Step 2

After that, in the layers palette on the blending mode options choose Screen and put it opacity down to 50%. See the picture below.

Step 3

Choose Image > Adjustments > Invert (Shortcut key Ctrl+I).

Step 4

Select the Brush Tool (B) from the ToolBox, choose brush size which you like and for Foreground color choose white.Then, paint slightly a parts of photography which is too dark.

My finally result looks like this:

Have a nice day!

Author: Mario Zupancic ( )

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