Skin Smoothin

6.5.2007, 20:56
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See this lesson and learn how to remove a mole, pimple or some other things on the skin, that make you unhappy. After this lesson, your skin will be so soft and it will be looks glamorous on every photography. ;)

This trick can also call  "Skin Smoothin", and many professional photographer's use it for photography retouch.

I have used this photography, which is potential for this lesson because of some pimple, mole that we will remove, so let's go.

Step 1

Select the Spot Healing Brush Tool (J) from the ToolBox. See the picture below.

Step 2

Choose right click on the picture and choose for DIAMETER option, size of paint-brush, that you will use for "Skin Smoothin". See the picture below.

After that, click on unwished things (mole, pimple) on the skin to remove it.

Now, when you have removed all unwished thing from face, let's go to the skin.

Step 3

Choose Layer > Duplicate Layer and click ok. Now, you have duplicated your layer. See the picture below.

Step 4

Choose Filter -> Blur -> Smart Blur. Then, a Smart Blur panel will be appear.

Then, choose a default options and click ok.

Step 5

Select again a new layer and for Opacity choose a value which you like. If you set 50%, your new layer will be 50% transparent by comparison with the first layer.

Now, our photo looks more glamorous, the skin are smoothing, but we have to see the fact, that the eyes, mouth or some other details are so soft. So, we will fix that on the next way.

Step 6

Click on add mask layer icon from the layers palette.

Step 7

Then, for Foreground color set black color and take the Brush Tool. Then, choose right click on the picture, set the brush size and start painting on the areas, on which you want to remove a blur. We do that, becouse we want to make some parts od picture like lip, hair, eyes more realistic.

This is my finally result:

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