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19.11.2007, 21:12
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Using this tutorial, You will see how to create winking photo effect using the alpha and some special flash tricks. You can use this effect for any photo animation, flash header... You don't have to use action script code to make this tutorial.

Step 1

Open a new flash document. Press Ctrl+J key on the keyboard (Document Properties) and set the dimensions of your document as whatever you like. Select any color as background color.Set your Flash movie's frame rate to 38 and click ok. See the picture below.

Step 2

Find any photo on internet or somewhere on which you like to apply this effect and Import it (Shortcut key: Ctrl+R) into a flash.

Step 3

Double click on layer 1 to rename its name in photo. After that, click on frame 30 and press F5 key.

Step 4

Then, create a new layer above the layer photo and name it effect.
Step 5

Select the effect layer and take the Rectangle Tool (R). In the Colors portion of the Tool panel, block the Stroke color by clicking on the little pencil icon and then on the small square with the red diagonal line. For Fill color choose any color and draw a “rectangle” over the photo.See the picture belows.

Step 6

While the rectangle is still selected, press F8 key (Convert to Symbol) to convert this rectangle into a Movie Clip Symbol.

Step 7

After that, take the Selection Tool (V) and click once on the photo to select it. Then, go to the Properties Panel (Ctrl+F3) below the stage. On the right, you will see the Color menu. Select Alpha in it and put it down to 36%.

Step 8

Press, after that, F6 key thirty times. See the picture below.

Step 9

Then, click on every second frame and press delete key on the keyboard. See the picture below.

We're done!

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