New York line arting animation

23.1.2008, 1:52
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In this professional lesson, I will show you how to create very modern and advanced line arting animation. For this animation I will use New York buildings and that is the reason why I have called this animation "New York line arting animation ". By the way, New York is my favorite city. :) So this aniamtion represent New York that is appearing by line and after that disappearing. You don't have to use action script code to make this cool animation. You will also learn how to draw city, using the Line Tool (N) and much more! ;) Let's go!

Step 1

Start flash. Press Ctrl+J key on the keyboard (Document Properties) and set the dimensions of your document whatever you like (For this example my dimensions are 450x349px). Select white color as background color.Set your Flash movie's frame rate to 26 and click ok. See the picture below.

Step 2

Take the Line Tool (N) and start to drawing some building. See the picture below.

After that, draw more buildings which will represent some city. This drawing will take you a lot time, so be patience ;) . Now, you have to get something like this:

Step 3

It's time for Line Arting, so press one time F6 key on the keyboard, take the Eraser Tool (E) and start deleting just a little part of buildings. See the picture below.

Press again F6 key on the keyboard and delete again just a little more part of buildings. Repeat this process until you don't came to the end.

Step 4

Take the Selection Tool (V), select the all frames, choose right click and Reverse Frames. See the picture below.

Step 5

Take the Selection Tool (V) again and select again all frames. After that, choose right click and Copy Frames.

Step 6

Click after that on hundredth frame after by comparation of the last frame and press F7 key (Blank keyframe).

Step 7

Then, select that Blank keyframe, choose right click and Paste frames.

Step 8

Take again the Selection Tool (V) and select the all pasted frames. Then, choose again right click and Reverse Frames.

We're done!

Test your Movie and enjoy!

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