Editing, Adding and removing timeline effects

26.11.2005, 14:7
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In this tutorial, we will show you how to add, edit, and remove timeline effects.

Timeline effects are a great way for the beginner to add some really neat effects to the projects. You only have to install Flash MX 2004, and follow the next step.

Step 1

Open Flash MX 2004 and on the start page click 'Create a new Flash Document'. Now you can basically place whatever you want onto the stage. For example I type in some text.
Select the text tool (T), and then from your Properties Panel choose font, size of font, color, - whatever you want... 

...and make sure that text type is set to Static text.

Step 2

Now type on your stage any word you want. I will type "tutorial". Deselect your text by pressing esc on the keyboard.

After that, select the Selection tool (V). Now, you can position your word or whatever you have by drag 'n drop technique to any place on your stage.

Step 3

After you position your object, select it and choose  Insert - Timeline effects - Effects. Flash will provide you with four type of timeline effects - Blur, Drop shadow, Expand, and Explode effects.

First I choose Blur effect. When I click on Blur effect, Flash will bring up a Preview window. In that Preview window you can see the blur effect in real time, so you know what will the effect look like in the project. In Blur preview window you can tune effect duration, resolution, scale, direction of movement, check or uncheck allow horizontal blur, allow vertical blur and if you want to see your effect before you applied it, press Update Preview button at the top right of the preview window.

When you click ok, the effect will be applied. So now click ok to apply your effect. If we now look at the timeline we can see our timeline effect. Flash has also renamed our layer automatically in Blur 1 layer because we chose blur effects. If we chose explode effects, our layer will automatically rename to explode 6.

Also if we open up the Library by pressing Ctrl + L or (F11) key, we will see few new different items in there that Flash automatically added for us. In Library we can see Graphics symbol Blur 1 and if we select it and press play button in Library, we will see our blur effect in a small Preview window above.

Apart Graphic Blur symbol in the Library, there is also an effect folder that Flash created for us.

If we want to modify our effect after we created it, we have to do the next thing...

Step 4

After that, Flash is going to open up our blur effect window again and we can modify our settings and change it to whatever we like.

Step 5

If we would like to remove our effect, we must right click again on our text and choose - Timeline effects - Remove effects. After that Flash will go back and make our text like the previous text before we did any timeline effects. Flash will also clean up the Library.

Step 6

Now we explained how to apply the blur timeline effects on some objects. We can create  the other three effects (Drop shadow, Expand and Explode) in the same way as we did the blur effect.

Have a nice day!

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