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25.2.2009, 18:43
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This tutorial will teach you how to create restaurant header.

Step 1

I will start with new photoshop document size 600x300px.

Under foreground color set #E8DEC6, take the Rounded Rectangle Tool, under radius set about 5px, and create the shape for header.

If necessary, you can add 45 pattern with smooth opacity.

Step 2

In left top corner, we will add a picture of some food on plate.

Find any adequate picture and cut it precisely using the Extract Filter (Filter > Extract).

Step 3

Now, we will add a name of restaurant and slogan on header.

I have used Calisto MT bold font with 3px stroke.

The font color is #4B0000

Step 4

Under foreground color set #BBAF89, press and hold down Ctrl key and click on shape layer to select it. While the shape selection is still active, take the Rectangular Marquee Tool, and under Options choose Subtract from selection. See the picture below.

Move the Marquee tool over selection from left side to the right, and at the end, leave one part selected. Look at the picture below!

Create a new layer, fill the selection with #BBAF89, and add a smooth horizontal gradient and shadow.

Step 5

Under Foreground color set #AC9F75 and using the Rounded rectangle tool, create the selection like it is shown on the picture below.

Add on new shape the following styles:

Now, Your header should looks like this:

Step 6

Now, we will connect this two parts. Create a clutch by horizontal gradient, one dark and beneath it one light. After that, take the Pencil Tool and create a slot like it is shown on the picture below .

When you create the first clutch, duplicate it, and move it a little down. See the picture below.

Step 7

Now, we will add a links for menu.

Create a new layer, take the Rectangular Marquee tool, and create the selection 1px height like it is shown on the picture below.

Fill the selection with #B5A984, and beneath that selection create another, and fill it with #EDE4CE.

Our menu line now looks like this:

Now it's time for text link, and icon.

I have choosed bottle shape.

For links font I have used Calisto MT bold, this color #450000.

Repeat this steps for all other links in menu.

We're done!

Have a nice day!

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