Artificial smooth skin

25.3.2009, 15:44
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This tutorial will show you how to create and apply smooth face effect on any face. You can see this effect on some models, in many magazines,on cd cover... Let' s start!

On which levels you wish to go, it's your choice. :)

Step 1

Find any picture of face and open it in Photoshop. Watch out, to skin on photograph be a little crude, to see better a final effect. Then, duplicate the layer (right click on layer and choose "Duplicate layer" ).

Step 2

Move into the Quick Mask Mode, by clicking on Q key (shortcut).

Select the Brush Tool (B).

and, set it on oval, size which you like.

After that, using the Brush Tool, paint only the skin of face without eyes, hair eyebrow....

Step 3

Press Q key on the keyboard to go back in Standard mode.

Step 4

Then, choose Select > Inverse. Now it's just the face selected.

Go on Select Feather and depending of your picture and selection enter the values. In this process, it's only necessarily that the selection is slightly rounded. See the picture below!

Step 5

If you like to save the current selection, if you accidentaly make a mistake, choose - Select > Save Selection.

Step 6

While the selection is still active, go on Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur.

You can see in preview window how the skin will appear, depending of values which you have choose. if you like to see, how skin was looks befor filter, click on window.

You will also see that on your picture, if preview option is turn on.

Step 7

Under Radius set the value, depending how many you want to skin be smooth.
You can always decrease the opacity if you like.

Exactly for this reason , we have duplicate our main layer at the head.

We're done!

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