Bad teeth

3.4.2009, 14:30
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Have you ever want to know how to disfigure the teeth on some photography of your friends, cousin, girlfriends... and after that show them that? :) No problem! Read this tutorial and see how to do that.

Step 1

Open your picture.

Step 2

Take the Lasso Tool (L) and select the teeth.

Step 3

Your selection must looks like this:

Step 4

Now, you must to find some texture of corrosion, tree or stone. Look at the picture below!

Step 5

While your picture of texture is open, press Ctrl+A to select it, and after that press Ctrl+C on the keyboard to copied it (in this example the whole picture).

Step 6

Go back on the first picture (the selection round the teeth is still active).

Step 7

Now, we will insert the texture that we just have copied on the place where the teeth are. So, press Shift+Ctrl+V on the keyboard or choose Edit > Paste into.

Step 8

After you have paste the texturu, you can use the arrows on the keyboard to adjust it which you like.

Step 9

Click on texture layer in layers palette, and under blending mode set "Vivid Light", and if is necessarily, decrase the opacitiy a little. See the picture below!

Step 10

Now, Our picture looks like this:

Step 11

Using the Hue/Saturation, you can play with color.

Finally, our picture looks like this:

Have a nice day!

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