Making a Gear in Flash (and animating it)

22.12.2005, 15:15
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See this lesson and learn how to Making a Gear in Flash and how to after that animate it. You don't have to use Action Script code to create this lesson.

1. File>New
2. Grab the Oval Tool (O).
3. Choose any Fill color and turn off the Stroke color.


4. While holding the SHIFT key, draw the perfect circle across the stage.
5. Take the Selection Tool (V) and choose the circle.
6. Open the Allign panel (Ctrl+K).
7. Center the circle on the Stage by clicking on the 'To stage' button, then clicking the Allign Horizontal Center and Allign Vertical Center button.


8. Make a new layer (Insert>Timeline>Layer).
9. Make a new, a lot smaller circle of some other Fill color then center it the same way as we did in the 7th step.


10. Select the new circle with the Selection tool (V) and while holding SHIFT, move it to the top of the big circle so that the middle of the small circle is colliding with the top part of the big one.


11. While the smaller circle is still selected, copy it (CTRL+C) and paste it in the same place.(CTRL+SHIFT+V or right click and 'paste in place').
12. move a new "circle"  at the bottom of the large circle.


13. While holding the SHIFT key, click on the little circle on the top so that the both circles are selected.
14. Copy both circles (CTRL+C) and then paste them to the same place (CTRL+SHIFT+V or right click and 'paste in place').
15. Modify>Transform>Rotate 90 CW.
17. Modify>Transform>Scale and Rotate...
18. Scale = 100%, Rotate = 45 degrees.
19. Deselect any circles (CTRL+SHIFT+A), choose the new left and right circles and...
21. Modify>Transform>Scale and Rotate...
22. Scale = 100%, Rotate = -45 degrees.


23. Choose any of the top, bottom, left or right circles, copy it and paste it to the same place (CTRL+C, CTRL+SHIFT+V).
24. Center it to the middle of the big circle.


25. Select all of the smaller circles, cut them (CTRL+X) and paste (in place) them onto the same layer as the big circle (CTRL+SHIFT+V).
26. Deselect any of the chosen objects (CTRL+SHIFT+A or click on the blank place).
27. Choose all of the smaller circles again and press Delete (or Backspace).


28. Choose the gear and press F8 (Convert to Symbol).
29. Name the gear into anything, choose Movie clip and press OK.
30. Double click on the gear to enter it.
31. Choose the gear and press CTRL+G to group it.
32. Select frame 150 and press F6 to create a new keyframe.
33. Click on any frame from 1 to 149 and open the Properties panel (Window>Properties>Properties or CTRL+F3).
34. In properties panelu under 'Tween', choose Motion, under Rotate CW (ili CCW) and under number put 1.


35. Open the Document Properties (CTRL+J) and under Frame rate type in the number 30.
36. Test Movie (CTRL+ENTER).

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