Shine clock effect

9.4.2009, 12:32
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In this thoroughly explained, detailed photoshop lesson, you will see how to apply shine effect on any image using a Brush Shape and some special photoshop tips and tricks. For this example, I will use image of clock.

Step 1

Open any image on which you like to apply shine effect in photoshop. You can also if you like, save my image below to make this lesson quicker.

Step 2

For foreground set white color.

Step 3

Choose Window > Brushes > Presset Manager.

Step 4

Then, in Presset Manager window, click on right arrow and choose Assorted Brushes.

After that, click Append.

Step 5

Select the Brush Tool (B) and from Brush Preset picket, choose Crosshatch 4. See the picture below.

Step 6

Create a new layer, and after that click somewhere on the picture, where you like apply shine effect.

Step 7

Create again a new layer.

Step 8

Open the Brush Tip Shape Panel , and set the options from the picture below.

Then, click on the center of shine effect.

Step 9

Choose after that from Brush Tip Shape Panel Soft Round 27, and then,  click on the ceneter of shine effect. See the picture below!

Step 10

Press and hold down Ctrl key, and click on layer 1 from layers pallete, to select the source effect (shine).

Step 11

Select the Gradient Tool (G), and from Gradient Editor Panel choose Yellow - Violet- Orange - Blue. See the picture below!

Step 12

After that, do like it is shown on the picture below.

Step 13

In layers pallete, for blending mode choose Lighten.

Step 14

Make your background layer invisible, and after that choose Layer > Merge Visible (Shift+Ctrl+E). See the picture below.

Step 15

Make you backgorund visible.

Finally, our work looks like this:

Have a nice day!

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