Newspaper raster

9.4.2009, 16:49
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When you sometimes read a newspaper, you can see some picture with raster lines. This lesson will teach you how to create that raster line, and how to apply it on any picture.

Step 1

Open any RGB picture, or save my image below.

Step 2

Press Ctrl+N on the keyboard (New Document). After that, set Width to 2 and Height to 6 px and press ok.

Step 3

Zoom in (press and hold down Ctrl key and hit plus key on the keyboard)  new document to see it better.

Step 4

For Foreground color, set black (d), select the Pencil Tool (B), and paint the half of rectangle shape. See the picture below!

Step 5

Choose Edit > Define Pattern. Then, name it which you like, and press ok.

Step 6

Create a new layer.

Step 7

After that, choose Edit > Fill, and then, set the options from the picture below.

Then, press Ok, to get this:

Step 8

After that, in Layers Pallete, set Overlay  Opactiy to 35%. See the picture below.

Finally, our work looks like this:


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