Glass Letter

10.4.2009, 21:4
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Reading this tutorial you'll see how to create Glass Letter effect using Layer Style and some special photoshop tricks.

Step 1

Open RGB picture.

Step 2

Take the Horizontal Text Tool (T) and type some text on the picture.

Step 3

Hold down Ctrl key and click on text layer from Pallete Layers.

Step 4

After that, hide that layer.

Step 5

Then, press Ctrl+J on the keyboard and after that click on Add a Layer Style icon, and choose Blending Options. See the picture below!

When you do that, set the options from the pictures below!

Step 6

Select the Text layer, and Delete it.

Step 7

Select the background layer and press Ctrl+L on the keyboard. After that, select the options from the picture below.

Finally, our work looks like this:

Have a nice day!

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