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20.4.2009, 10:9
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Learn how to create 3D Type in Photoshop using a Free Transform Tool. You can use this effect on your web site, for some header... It is so simple to create it, so let's go!

Step 1

Create a new Photoshop document, Select the Horizontal Type Tool (T), and type some text.

Step 2

Choose Layer > Type > Convert to Shape.

Step 3

Select the Free Transform Tool (Ctrl+T), press and hold down Shift+Ctrl+Alt key, and do like it is shown on the picture below.

After that, press Enter which you confirm the transformation.

Step 4

Choose Layer > Rasterize > Shape.

Step 5

Now, you must to duplicate your text layer, so choose right click on text layer from layer palettes and choose Duplicate. See the picture below!

Step 6

For foreground color choose black, or just hit "d" key on the keyboard.

Step 7

After that, press Alt+Shift+Backspace keys on the keyboard.

Step 8

Now, you will create a 3D effect. Hold down Alt+Ctrl key and press few times right arrow key on the keyboard. See the picture below!

Note! In your Layers Palette, your source text layer must be the first (main). See the picture below!

Step 9

Hide your main layer and backgorund layer. See the picture below.

Step 10

Then, choose Layer > Merge Visible.

Step 11

Make your background and main layer visible.

Step 12

Select your main layer (PHOTOSHOP), click on Add a Layer Style icon and choose Blending Options.

Step 13

After that, set the options from the pictutres below!

Finally, our work looks like this:

Have a nice day!

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