Glamour photo effect in few steps

29.4.2009, 13:18
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Using this thoroughly explained and very simple photoshop lesson, you will see how to create glamour photo effect in few steps. This lesson is for photoshop beginners. Let's start!

Step 1

First, save the image of Beyonce below, which we'll use for this lesson.

Step 2

Duplicate now Your layer (CTRL + J) and choose Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur and make the adjustments as follow:

Step 3

Set the blending mode to Color Dodge and the Fill to 65%. See the picture below!

Step 4

Choose now Image > Adjustments > Curves (Ctrl+M) and make the adjustments as follow:

We're done now!

You can also type some text on photo if you like. :)

You should now have something like below.

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