Fibers background on a simple way

4.5.2009, 15:6
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In this thoroughly explained, simple Photoshop lesson, You will see how to create fibers background in photoshop using some special photoshop tips and tricks.

Step 1

Create a new transparent, (300x300 px) photoshop document.

Step 2

Choose now Filter > Render > Clouds.

Step 3

Choose now Image > Adjustments > Levels (CTRL + L). After that, make the adjustments as follow:

Step 4

Choose now Filter > Stylize > Glowing Edges. After that, make the adjustments as follow:

Step 5

Create a new layer above the layer 1.

Step 6

Select the gradient tool and go to Gradient Editor Panel. Then, choose the following options and draw a gradient like it is shown on the picure below!

Step 7

Set the blending mode to Soft Light and after that choose Layer > Merge Down.

You should now have something like below.

Have a nice day!

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