Trace Bitmap

24.12.2005, 16:41
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See this tutorial and learn how to convert bitmap graphic into the vector. After that, you can zoom in your picture without any danger of loosing quality of the graphic.

Step 1

Create a new flash document, choose File >Import > Import to stage (Ctrl+R) and find a picture (bitmap graphic), which you want to convert into a vector one.

Step 2

Select the entire picture (Ctrl+A) and then click Modify Bitmap - Trace bitmap. Then, choose the following options from the picture below.

Step 3

Now you can select every possible part of  the picture, becouse, now, it is a vector.
Click on the Subselection Tool (A) and then on the part of the picture to see vector points - you can adjust the picture.

We're done!

Download example (114 KB)

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