Installing Internet Information Server (Win XP Pro)

3.1.2006, 17:26
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If you possess Windows XP Professional on your computer, it is possible to install Microsoft web server, Internet information Server 5.1 (IIS) free from Windows XP Pro installation CD and configure it to be started on your system following next instructions:

Step 1

Place Windows XP Professional CD in your CD- Rom drive.

Step 2

Open Add/Remove Windows components, which is placed in Add/Remove Programs inside of the Control panel.

Step 3

Put a tag in the check box next to the Internet Information Services (IIS), press next and let the installation finish.

Step 4

When installation finishes you can see your home page in web browser if you write: http//localhost (you can replace localhost with the name of your computer) in the adress bar of your web browser.
If your web page isn't yet set, you should look in the IIS documentation.

Step 5

If you're iincertain of your computer name right click on My computer, choose Properties and click on the Computer name card.

Step 6

In the main web directory your web page is placed under C:\Inetpub\wwwroot, but if you don' t want to erase IIS documentation in the directory you can create your own virtual directory using IIS console.

Step 7

To get to Internet Information Services console click on the Control panel – Administration tools – Performance and maintenance.

Step 8

Double click on Internet Information Services icon. When it is opened you will see all of IIS services started on your computer including SMPT server and FTP server, if you have chosen them during the IIS installation.

Step 9

To add new virtual directory right click on Default Web Site and choose New, then choose Virtual directory inside of drop down list.

Step 10

Next thing that you will see is Virtual Directory Creation Wizard. Click on the next button.

Step 11

Now sign in your Alias, which will connect you to the virtual directory from your web browser (it is the name that you sign into your web browser after localhost to see pages that you have saved into the directory)

Step 12

Click on the Browse… button to set the directory of your web page on your computer, then click next to continue.

Step 13

In the final part of the wizard you will see quite lot of boxes, if you aren't concerned for security mark all of them, if you are and want to use ASP script mark the first two and press next.

Step 14

Now that virtual directory has been made you can see web page in the folder if you write http://localhost/aliasName (where aliasName is the name of virtual directory that you' re calling) in the adress bar of your web browser (you can replace localhost with the name of your computer.

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