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3.1.2006, 17:37
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Remember: all of the examples of showing date and time in this tutorial show the time of a server.

That means, that, if your server is in the UK you’ll have the time that is on that server, in this case UK time.


To show just date we use:

<% = date %>, which gives for instance: 15.12.2005


To show just time we use:

<% = time %>, which gives for instance: 10:23:15

Now (date and time)

By using now we can show both date and time:

<% = now %>, which gives for instance: 13.12.2005 10:25:07

Ways of showing date and time

It is possible to show date and time in many ways, but we have choosen just some of the best.


<% = day(now) %>


<% = month(now) %>


<% = year(now) %>

Names of days and months

To show which day in a week it is by number (1-7) we use:

<% = weekday(now) %>

To show a name of a day in a week we use:

<% = weekdayname(weekday(now)) %>

To show which month in a year it is by numbers we use:

<% = month(now) %>

To show a name of a month in a year we use:

<% = monthname(month(now)) %>

Hours, minutes and seconds

For hours we use:

<% = hour(now) %>

For minutes we use:

<% = minute(now) %>

For seconds we use:

<% =second(now) %>


<% response.write hour(now) & ":" & minute(now) & ":" & second(now) %>
will give: 10:39:25

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