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5.1.2006, 17:46
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This tutorial will show you how to create very practical text that you can scroll it, because it is so lengthy. To create this tutorial, you have to use action script code. You will also learn how to create two buttons that we will use for text scrolling and more.


Step 1

Take the Tetxt tool (A), in Properties Panel (Ctrl+F3) choose Dynamic text, and using the "drag and drop technique", create one "rectangle" in whic you'll add some text. Look at the picture!

Step 2

Select the drawn  "rectangle" and open again the Properties Panel (Ctrl+F3). For  <Instance name>  type some name, for example scroling.text, and set the options from the picture below!

Step 3

Right click on created "rectangle" for text and choose Scrollable.

Step 4

Copy a large text  (Ctrl+C), and paste it in created  "rectangle" (area for text) or type some text in that "rectangle".

Step 5

Create a two buttons in Flash, which we will use for text scrolling.

Step 6

Arrange the buttons, and after that click on the   button once, open your Action Script panel (F9), and paste this script:

on (release) {
scroling_text.scroll += 1;

Step 7

Click after that on  the other button    open Action script, and paste this script:

on (release) {
scroling_text.scroll -= 1;

Download example (50 KB)

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