Typewriter Text Effect

21.7.2010, 15:50
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Read this action script 3 lesson and learn how to create typewriter text effect. Please Enjoy!


Step 1

Create a new flash action script 3 document and save it as fla.fla. Press Ctrl+J key on the keyboard (Document Properties) and set the width of your document to 420 pixels and the height to 200 pixels. Select white color as background color.

Step 2

Call the current layer action script. Double-click on its default name (Layer 1) to change it. Press Enter once you have typed in the new name!

Step 3

Select the first frame of layer action script and go to the AS panel (F9). Then, enter this code inside the actions panel:

var myText:String;
var counter:int = 0;

var format : TextFormat = new TextFormat();
format.size = 12;
format.font = "Times New Roman";
format.bold = true;
format.color = 0x00000;

var textField : TextField = new TextField();
textField.width = 400;
textField.height = 200;
textField.selectable = false;
textField.wordWrap = true;
textField.defaultTextFormat = format;
textField.x = textField.y =10;
var textLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader(new URLRequest("text.txt"));
textLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, function(e:Event){initText(;});

function initText(string:String):void{
 myText = string;
 addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, writeText);

function writeText(e:Event):void{
 if (counter <= myText.length){
         textField.text = myText.substr(0,counter);

Step 4

Go to the folder where you saved a fla file. After that, create a new text document and name it text.txt. After that, write any text in the text document. That text will be displayed as typewriter text

We're done!

Please Enjoy!

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