Modeling A Cowboy Hat

23.1.2006, 18:35
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This is a really BEGINNER tutorial on modeling Cowboy Hat. Modeling time is about 10-20 min tops. So, if you are willing of learning Rhino you should refer to this tutorial.

Step 1

Go to TOP VIEW and follow instructions. First what we have to do is make two ellipses. Just like these two on the picture. You can either do it by typing Ellipse in Rhino command prompt, or by pressing on the button button 1. After that your Ellipse command is executed. Now, the command requires parameters to input. First you must set the Center Of Ellipse. Click only once to set the center. Now, its asking you to set the End Of First Axis (that is the first radius of ellipse), just click where you want that radius to end. After that step you must set the End Of Second Axis (that is the second radius of ellipse). Now that you do it, you have your first ellipse. You need two ellipses with different radius. We will make second ellipse useing OFFSET command. Type in Rhino command prompt OFFSET. You must Select Curve To Offset (the ellipse you just made), select it and then you must set Side To Offset. You can input the exact distance you want by typing in the number (ex. 6). After that, just click LEFT MOUSE

Step 2

Go to FRONT VIEW and follow instructions. After STEP ONE you have two ellipses but in the same position. What you must do is to move the smaller one up. Simply, just see the picture on the left. And here is how you will do it. Select the smaller ellipse. Again, you can either type in Rhino Command Prompt MOVE command or select the command using button

Type in MOVE and you will be asked to set Point To Move From. In the front view click on black thin line. Now it asks you to set Point To Move To and click where you want your second ellipse to be. When you are setting Point To Move To, you see a line, make sure that this line is straight, not under some angle.

Step 3

This isn't acctually a step, but you can see what you have done so far in your Perspective view, and by pressing and holding your Right Mouse Button you can move your point of view around those two ellipses you've just made.

Step 4

Now this is where the real thing begins. Go to Front View. In this step you will have to make a Curve either by typing InterpCrv what stands for Interpolate Curve or just click on button
and from menu that appears select

It is easier to just type the command. So type it in, and by setting the points just make a curve like this one on the left rounded with red circle. It shouldn't be so hard.

Step 5

Now that you have made your curve, you must mirror it by using the MIRROR command. So type it in, and first you have to set is Start of mirror plane. Click on half of one of ellipses and now it asks you to set End of mirror plane. So now you have a line that you must keep straight as possible. And now you have your two out of four curves we need. Check out your next two curves you need in STEP SIX.

Step 6

Go to RIGH VIEW and follow the instructions. Just repeat the same thing for creating the curves as in the STEP FIVE. Just with small modifications. You can clearly see the difference between image from STEP SIX and STEP FIVE. If not, I'll tell you. You see how the curve in STEP FIVE is high? Well, check the corner in this step, its a bit lowered.. don't you think?

Step 7

Repeat the mirroring texhnique as in STEP FIVE.

Step 8

Now, go to Perspective View and you can see what you have made. You have to make a surface out of four curves and two ellipses. What we are going to use? Well, Sweep Along Two Rails. Type in Sweep2 and select two rails, and that is your two ellipses, and after that you will have to Select Cross-section curves. After you selected those four curves you've made press ENTER or click Right Mouse Button. Some window pops up, just click OK Button.

Step 9

You can type Shade or just click on button  and you will get shaded image like on the picture on left. Now, what we have to do is to make a cap on top of your hat. We will do it by typing Patch. Now you must select Edge of your hat just like on the image below (STEP NINE: image 2), and then press ENTER or click RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON.

Step 9

After you selected your Edge of your hat, and pressed Enter or clicked Right Mouse Button, a window pops up. It is entitled Options, just like on the picture on left. Keep in mind that you HAVE TO check Adjust tangency, otherwise the cap will be flat... you can try it. :) Click OK Button.

Step 10

Go to FRONT VIEW and follow. After you created cap surface, you must edit it a little so it looks like real.. We will do it by setting the Control Points ON. Select that surface you just made and type PtON in Rhino Command Prompt. Now you have something like this on the picture left. If NOT, then you did something wrong.

Step 11

Go to TOP VIEW. Select those 7 dots as showed on the left picture.

Step 11 (B Section)

We have those dots selected now, and you can go to FRONT VIEW now, where we will move those dots a little bit down, so we get a gap on top of our hat. We will MOVE the points with MOVE command. So type in MOVE. And follow command instructions. (Explained in STEP TWO)

Step 12

Go to PERSPECTIVE VIEW. Select those two surfaces, cap and a hat. If you can not select those two surfaces, either because of NON optical mouse, or just bad luck, you can do it by clicking on Edit menu. Click on Edit->Select->Surfaces (TIP: make sure that you don't have nothing selected previously).type in Rhino Command Prompt command JOIN. Or you can simply press Join Button

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