Modeling rubics cube

24.1.2006, 11:36
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Author: Necksmasher

This modeling tutorial is very simple and should be easy to complete in a matter
of just a few minutes. It should work with just about any version of max.

Go to customize and the top and then go to grid and
snap settings and then go to home grid and make the settings like this:
(And then turn on 3D snap)

First create a box with these parameters:
length - 100 with 3 length segments
width - 100 with 3 width segments
height - 100 with 3 height segments

The box should look like this:

Next, right click on the box and convert it to an editable poly, and select
polygon in the selection.

Ok, now that that's done, select all the polygons and then go to edit
polygons and select Bevel.

Now make the bevel type by polygon and make the height 0.0 and
the outline amount -2.0

Then click apply and now make the height 5.0 and the outline amount 0.0

You should get something like this:

Well, thats pretty much it for the modeling part. After materials and texturing
the way you want it, you can get something out like this:

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