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25.1.2006, 18:36
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Create TEXT from Create Shapes toolbar. Then goto Modify panel and select
Extrude from Modifier List drop down menu.

Goto Material Editor and create new standard material with some color of your
choice. Now, this next step is important. Click on Material Effect Channel button
(Default marked as number 0) and select any number but 0 (Zero). This is why
every new material has default Channel Id set to 0, and we are making only this
material glow. So, select number, lets say, 5 (five). And this is it, for setting
the scene up.

Now, from Rendering menu select Video Post. A new window appears. This is Video
Post. It has some great neat stuff you can use, but now, we will only be using
these three buttons.   

Using button  we will open Add Scene Event dialog box. From drop down
menu you must select the view you want to render. Lets say Perspective, or Camera.
You can click OK after choosing the viewport. You can also change every option
concerning the render, like renderer, blur, etc.

Using button  we will open another dialog box, this time it is Add Image
Filter Event. Here you can choose from various image effects, but we need Lens
Effects Glow. So select one from the drop down menu and click on SETUP...

Now, another window pops up and it is a Setup for Glow effect. Now, remember
when you assigned to your material Material Effect Channel to 5? Well, now you
have to Check Effects ID, and beside it instead of number 1 type in number 5.
So the glow effect only affect materials with this Effect ID.

Now click on Preferences tab in the sam window. Here, you can adjust Effect
size, and effect color. I hope this part doesn't need to be explained.

Now you have the scene setup in your Video Post window like on this image,
and now you will open the render window using button

In this Execute Video Post window you set up basic things about rendering.
Output time and Output size. You can set that what ever you want to.

Finished Render

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