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2.2.2006, 15:37
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See this lesson and learn how to create advanced car animation with no Action Script. Using this lesson, you will also learn:

1. How to draw and design car,
2. How to use Line Tool, Selection Tool and Paint Bucket Tool,
3. How to convert car wheel into a Movie Clip Symbol,
4. How to rotate car wheel and more.


Before you open Flash and go to work, find on Internet  some large picture of a car because when you draw, that picture  must be large and clear because of details.Later you will decrease the size of  that picture.

Step 1

Open Flash, double click on layer 1 and name it Original car. After that click on File Import Import to stage (Ctrl+R) and insert that huge picture of car. Select that imported picture and click on Windows Info (Ctrl+I). Then, from Info Pannel see what are the dimensions of that picture and try to memorize them.

Step 2

Click on Modify Document (Ctrl+J), and set Width and Height of Background to be equal as the size of picture. After that click in Properties Pannel  (Ctrl+F3) on Background Color icon and choose black color.

Step 3

Select again that huge pictiure, open Align Pannel (Ctrl+K) and set options from the picture below:

Now you aligned picture with background.

Step 4

Insert three new layers above Original car layer, and name them illustrated_chassis_car, wheel right, and wheel left. First you will draw "body" of a car, and after that you will draw "right and left wheel".

Step 5

Lock all layers except illustrated_chassis_car layera. Click once on illustrated_chassis_car layer, and after that click on Stroke Color icon and choose some color which has the contrast of car color. The point of that is to enable us to see the difference bethween "animated" and then "Original car". For this example choose some green color.

Step 6

Take Line Tool (N), Zoom in on the part of the picture where you will start a drawing and go!For this example go from this part:

Step 7

Now you get this:

If you now hide Original_car layer, you will see clearer what  you drawn,(or what is animated).

Step 8

Now we need to change color of animated part and colour it.Change green contours of automobile in color of "Original car". Do that  to discover picture of "Original car", take Eyedropper Tool (I), unlock Original_car layer and click on the part of car from where you want to take the color.

Step 9

When you change color of contour, you must also color the "body" of a car. You may choose color whatever you like or by the help of Eyedropper Tool (I) choose the color of  "Original car". For this example choose color of "Original car". After that click on Paint Bucket Tool (K) and start with painting.Note! When you're coloring  your car by Paint Bucket Tool (K) you must be careful  that the area which you coloring is not damaged or cracked. If you don't understand look at the pictures!

Colored body of car:

Step 10

Lock now Original_car, and illustrated_chassis_car layer and unlock wheel_right layer and start with  drawing "right wheel". First choose green color which we have used in step 5 (If you forget here is the color: #00FF33). After that take Oval Tool (O), switch off Fill Color, and draw shape of "wheel".

Now draw remaining part of "wheel":

Step 11

It is not necessery to draw "left wheel",just copy "right wheel" (Ctrl+C), lock wheel_right layer, unlock wheel_left layer and press Ctrl + Shift +V (Paste in place).Then by drag and drop technique remove "right wheel" on the position of "left wheel". Look at the picture and everything will be clear.


Step 12

Now when you drawn/animated entire car, only one thing we must to do is rotate the "wheels".Unlock wheel_left layer, click on it once to select whole "left wheel", and after that press f8 (Convert to symbol). In Convert to symbol window under Behavior choose Movie Clip, Registration point  set to central point, name whatever you like.

Step 13

Double click on new made Movie Clip (wheel). Then when you go on the inside of Movie Clip, while "wheel" is still selected  press again F8, under Behavior choose Movie Clip, name whatever you like, Registartion point set to central point and ok.

Step 14

Click twice on layer 1, and change its name in wheel_left_inside. Then click on 35 frame and press F6, and after that click on 50 frame and press again F6. Go back on first frame, open your Properties Pannel (Ctrl+F3), and under Tween choose Motion, under rotate choose CCW.

Step 15

Go back on main scene (Scene1) and repeat step 14, but  this time do that for "right wheel". When you finish it,if you want ,decrease the size of your picture. To do that select entire picture and by Free Transform Tool (Q) decrease  size.


Download example (232 KB)

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