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13.2.2006, 13:38
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In this tutorial you have a chance to learn  how to create a simple menu which can fit very easily in any layout.

Step 1

Create a new document who's dimensions are 300x60px and for background color set #F8F8F2.

Step 2

Take Rounded reqtangle tool and set radius to 5px such as displayed on the picture below.

For Foreground color set #ABB057 and by Rounded reqtangle tool create this shape:

Step 3

Now go to the blending options for the shapes layer and use "Outer Glow", "Inner Glow" and "Gradient Overlay" settings.

Outer Glow

Inner Glow

Gradient Overlay

Step 4

Now, we'll add a links.

Choose Trebuchet MS font size 12px and set anti-aliasing at Strong and add  your own links.

After that , on layer whereon the links are, set these Stroke settings:

And Then we get this:

Step 5

Now we'll add separators and we're done.

Zoom and using Rectangular tool create two vertical selections such as displayed on the picture below.
First filled with #9A8F40 and another with #BBB46C color.

After you create that separator, duplicate its layer and put it with others links.
Finally you should get something like this:

Download example (47 KB)

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