Simple Shadow Effect

2.4.2006, 13:10
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See this tutorial and learn how to create on a simple way shadow effect in flash with no Action Script. You will also learn how to break apart text and more.


Step 1

Open a new flash document, take the Text Tool (T), and type something. For this example I'll type

Step 2

Select the text and press twice Ctrl+B key to Break Apart the text.

Step 3

While the text is still selected, press Ctrl+C key (Copy), create a new layer (layer 2) and press Ctrl+Shift+V key  (Paste in Place).

Now you have two indentical layers.

Step 4

Double click on layer 2 to rename its name in title. Then, double click on layer one to rename its name in shadow. See the picture below.

Step 5

Lock title layer and select the shadow. For Fill Color choose black color. See the picture below.

Step 6

Press one or two times right and down key (arrow keys), and after that press Ctrl+Shift+A key(Deselect All). See the picture below.

We're done!


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