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8.4.2006, 15:51
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Before we start with tutorial, find some interesting picture which you insert into our text.

Step 1

Create a new document (Ctrl+N) and set the dimensions whatever you like, mine dimensions are 300 x 100px (just example).

Step 2

Write some text and set it obligatory to bold. I use Arial Black font.
After that press Ctrl+T and if necessary increase lenght and width of your text.

Step 3

Open your picture.
Press Ctrl+A to select the whole picture and using Ctrl + c copy that picture.

Step 4

While you hold down Ctrl key, click on your layer with text, to select text.

Step 4

Now, we must paste our picture into our text.
Click on Edit > Paste Into (Shift + CTRL + V)

After we have paste that picture into our text, press Ctrl+T and decrease if necessary that picture and move it to "fit in" nicely into text.

Step 6

Lastly, we also can if we like, add to our text Stroke Effect and light drop shadow effect.

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