Stretchy Text Effect

30.4.2006, 11:49
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In this step by step tutorial, you will see how to create stretchy text effect in flash with no action script. You will also learn how to convert text into a Movie Clip Symbol, how to use Free Transform Tool, how to apply Alpha effetc on text and more.


Step 1

Start Flash. In the Properties Panel below the scene, choose Static Text, choose any font you like   and type any text. See the picture below.

Step 2

Take the Selection Tool (V), select that text, and press F8 key on the keyboard (Convert to Symbol), to convert this text into a Movie Clip Symbol.

Step 3

Click on frame 10,20 and 30 and press F6 key. See the picture below

Step 4

Click on the first frame, take the Free Transform Tool (Q), and do like it is shown on the picture below!

Step 5

Click on frame 30, and repeat previous step in an equivalent way.

Step 6

While you're still on frame 30, take the Selection Tool (V), click once on text to select it and open the Properties Panel (Ctrl+F3). On the right, you will see the Color menu. Select Alpha in it and put it down to 10%.

Step 7

Go back on the first frame, click once on text to select it, open again the Properties Panel (Ctrl+F3) and for Color menu select Alpha in it and put it down to 10%.

Step 8

Select the first frame and in Properties Panel for Tween choose  Motion. Ease set to 100. See the picture below.

Step 9

Select frame 20, for Tween in Properties Panel below the scene choose again Motion, and for Ease choose -100.

We're done!


Download example (22 KB)

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